Year: 2019

AC 400A Welding Machine

Ac welder is suitable for stick welding working constantly 8-16 hours a day. The machine has high duty cycle rating up to 80%, means you can run it at 400amps for 8 minutes out of 10. AC400A – recommended 3.2mm if welding at full duty cycle. Ac-transformer type welder also known as “buzz box”, so

Lifting Cage for Construction Site (Malaysia)

Lifting cage can fit pallet nicely and lifted by tower crane steadily up to the construction working floor. The dimension of cage is 1500mm x 1500mm x 1000mm. Our design is PE endorsed and slings tested. Maximum Weight Capacity: 2000kg Dimension: L1500mm x W1500mm x H1000mm Forklift Mask Insertion: 38″ (1.5tonne forklift) – 40″ (2.5

How to use 7018 Welding Rod

7018 is carbon steel welding rod. If we weld 7018 on mild steel, we will need one extra step to use the rod. We usually apply 7018 on loader bucket arm bracket, or machinery parts that require extra torsion. 7018 welding rodS require pretreatment (heating) before the welding process. A proper way is to keep

Forklift Bucket (Economy/Manual)

Our forklift bucket has 2 design, heavy duty and average bucket. Heavy duty dimension is shorter but taller, while light duty is longer and shorter. Heavy duty bucket is suitable for transporting sand and bulky material. The shorter bucket length is easier to scoop sand from the ground. The dimension goes by L3′ x W4′

Bored Pile Accessories

1. Casing Casing range from OD1200mm to OD1750mm meter 2. Cone Barrel and Drill Bit Cone barrel range from 900mm to 1550mm in diameter. 3. Tremie Pipe Tremie pipes came with two designed. The threaded flange and the socket flange. Threaded flange is considerably safer, but require more effort to connect. While Socket flange is

Concrete Pump Accessories

Over the years, we’ve supplied a variety of concrete pump accessories for our customer in Peninsular Malaysia. Even though the concrete pump had been a common machinery in construction site, there are still contractors who like to know more about other options and tool to make the pumping a less hassle process. 1. Concrete Distributor

Air Slide – Powder Conveying

In One Machine, all our air slide is fabricated for cement transportation, from one site to another site. Air slide generally from 3 meter is can be up to 30 meters in length. Our air slide dimension is W228.6mm x H228.6mm. The air slide fabric is longer than 228.6mm, at 304.8mm so the excess length

P.E. Endorsement for Bucket/Hopper

Back in our school days, we were shown human made disaster in the past. The Sampoong shopping mall collapsed in Korea, Savar building in Bangladesh, what causing the famous leaning Pisa Tower, was exactly by a series of regrettable calculation and implementation. Our clients will have a team of safety officer to make sure every

Pulling Auger Flight

We received an order to make auger flight for bored pilling project. To make auger from scratch, we found a super useful auger flight video in Youtube We did not manage to copy and paste the yellow column into the command line, so we just the circle manually. We used monkey jack (cable puller) to

Concrete Spider Concrete Distributor

Concrete distributor, RV-10, concrete spider. Users identify the machine in different names. Concrete pumps are getting more and more common in Malaysia contruction site. Contractor will choose to use a concrete distributor or concrete spider when the casting area is large and wide. the concreting slab must be done within one cast., so the quality