Concrete Pump Accessories

Concrete Pump Accessories

Over the years, we’ve supplied a variety of concrete pump accessories for our customer in Peninsular Malaysia. Even though the concrete pump had been a common machinery in construction site, there are still contractors who like to know more about other options and tool to make the pumping a less hassle process.

1. Concrete Distributor / Spider / RV-10 / 布料机

2. Floor Mounting / Wall Mounting

concrete pump accessories

3. U-Bolt and Seating Plate

M16 U Bolt
u bolt malaysia

4. Climbing Frame

5. Lubricant for Concrete Pump

6. Pipe Flange

7. Concrete Stopper / Shut-off Valve

Manual and hydraulic version

Manual concrete shut off valve
Hydraulic Concrete Shut-off Valve

8. Pipe Clamp in

Concrete shut off valve
Bolt Type Flange
Snap Lever Pipe Flange

9. Pipe Flange Rubber Seal

10. Agitator Shaft

11. Concrete Pump Sponge Pusher and Receiver

12. Repair rockshaft and rock valve

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