Concrete Pump Accessories

Concrete Pump Accessories

Over the years, we’ve supplied a variety of concrete pump accessories for our customer in Peninsular Malaysia. Even though the concrete pump had been a common machinery in construction site, there are still contractors who like to know more about other options and tool to make the pumping a less hassle process.

1. Concrete Distributor / Spider / RV-10 / 布料机

2. Floor Mounting / Wall Mounting

3. U-Bolt and Seating Plate

M16 U Bolt

4. Climbing Frame

5. Lubricant for Concrete Pump

6. Pipe Flange

7. Concrete Stopper / Shut-off Valve

Manual and hydraulic version

Manual concrete shut off valve
Hydraulic Concrete Shut-off Valve

8. Pipe Clamp

Bolt Type Flange
Snap Lever Pipe Flange

9. Pipe Flange Rubber Seal

10. Agitator Shaft

11. Concrete Pump Sponge Pusher and Receiver

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