P.E. Endorsement for Bucket/Hopper

P.E. Endorsement for Bucket/Hopper

Back in our school days, we were shown human made disaster in the past. The Sampoong shopping mall collapsed in Korea, Savar building in Bangladesh, what causing the famous leaning Pisa Tower, was exactly by a series of regrettable calculation and implementation.

Our clients will have a team of safety officer to make sure every steps follows safety requirement.

As we are active in fabricating buckets and hoppers for our client, we encountered request such as provide drawing design, calculation, Professional Engineer Endorsement, working work load test as well as NDT test.

We generally do not accept NDT required project, as it is not our expertise.

While Professional Endorsement and Work load test are common orders.

Both PE endorsement and work load testing we have to assign third party for integrity of the play.

Step 1: Autocad Drawing Design

Our engineer, with the help of senior technician, will propose to us the design. Based on their experience in the field, they can ‘predict’ how stable and at the same time what material to use in order to minimize cost.

Step 2: Calculation

Calculation is done based on the drawing. Engineer calculate make sure every hinges, handle, welding can withstand the intended work load and self load.

Step 3: Staad Pro Analysis

Step 4: Endorsement

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