Pulling Auger Flight

Pulling Auger Flight

We received an order to make auger flight for bored pilling project. To make auger from scratch, we found a super useful auger flight video in Youtube

We did not manage to copy and paste the yellow column into the command line, so we draw the circle manually.

We used monkey jack (cable puller) to pull the auger. Once it fits the shaft, we will stop pulling. The auger flight is only 4.5mm, so pulling does not require much force. Each set of flight pulling takes around 15 minutes, but the welding works that follow consume more time.

We are really thankful to esaneshwar1990@gmail.com for sharing the useful formula. We thank you from Malaysia! Please contact us if you need a ride when you visit our country.


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Stainless steel is preferred in food manufacturing and production.

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