Forklift Bucket (Economy/Manual)

Forklift Bucket (Economy/Manual)

Our forklift bucket has 2 designs, heavy duty and average bucket.

Heavy duty dimension is shorter but taller, while light duty is longer and shorter.

forklift bucket Malaysia
Heavy Duty Manual Forklift Bucket Malaysia
forklift bucket Kuala Lumpur
Forklift bucket with blade, Malaysia

Heavy duty bucket is suitable for transporting sand and bulky material. The shorter bucket length is easier to scoop sand from the ground. The dimension goes by L3′ x W4′ x H 2 1/2′

The average bucket is L4′ x W4′ x H 18″ (16“ at the front)

L48″ + 2 1/2″(blade) + 24″ (extended fork)

Width for 2.5 tonne < OD38″

Width for 5.0 tonne < OD66″

Our bucket has a bucket blade for extra wear.

1. Bucket rear view

forklift bucket Puchong

2. Forklift operator controlling the bucket

3. Auto-locking

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Address: No 28, Jalan TPP 5/10, Taman Perindustrian Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Self-dumping Trash Hopper

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Hydraulic Forklift Bucket

Unfortunately, hydraulic ones are currently not available due to low demand from the local market.

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