Sendiment Tank for Bored Piling

Sendiment Tank delivered on December 2018, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

The sentiment tank was meant to be water silo at the moment, due to the change from bentonite to polymer slurry.

The tank was 20FT x 8FT x 8FT (Length x Width x Height), taller than a person. It was made by 5mm thick mild steel plate, and a 8mm bottom plate. Three cross strutting were erected inside the tank.

Inner view of the 20FT water tank. Three sections of C-Channel strutting.

Water tank is able to hold 36m3 of liquid or 9500 gallon, which equivalent to 36 ton of water. The structure is made strong enough to hold the weight.

Butterfly valve is used at the bottom of the tank, 4″ cast iron butterfly valve, ductile iron disc, EPDM Seat lever operator. Table ‘E’ rubbber gasket and KC nipple was installed. Ladder was built for cleaning and maintenance purpose.

Ladder at side for maintenance and cleaning purpose.

The tank is designed to be able to stack above another identical tank. Contractor can save place if site space is very limited.

EPDM Seat Lever Butterfly Valve, c/w Table ‘E’ Rubber Gasket
Inner Strutting welded by certified welder.
The 8FT height design made the fabrication job more difficult than usual.
20FT x 8FT x 8FT water tank easily mounted crane truck by Chan A Yab Enterprise Sdn Bhd

5FT x 5Ft x 5FT water tank for micropiles project