Concrete Spider Concrete Distributor

Concrete Spider Concrete Distributor

Concrete distributor, RV-10, concrete spider. Users identify the machine in different names.

Concrete pumps are getting more and more common in Malaysia contruction site. Contractor will choose to use a concrete distributor or concrete spider when

  1. the casting area is large and wide.
  2. the concreting slab must be done within one cast., so the quality of concrete slab reaches the requirement

1. Concrete Distributor Legs

2. Turntable for Concrete Distributor

The turntable has 18 bolts to ensure work stability. The constant vibration from concrete pumps and pipeline will loosen up the bolts if it wasn’t well tighten up or have not enough bolts.

Two bearings will be embedded inside for turntable to move 360 degree. The design adopted bearings for simplicity, and we’ve used common sizes from NTN Bearing so the parts are replaceable.

3. Add-on 500mm Height

The original design of concrete distributor has a ground height of 800mm. The height can avoid hitting of rebars at job site, at the same time low enough for easy operation. However, some clients did request the machine to be higher.

Before add-on height
with screw-on feet

4. Fabrication in limited space

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