How to use 7018 Welding Rod

How to use 7018 Welding Rod

7018 is carbon steel welding rod. If we weld 7018 on mild steel, we will need one extra step to use the rod. We usually apply 7018 on loader bucket arm bracket, or machinery parts that require extra torsion.

7018 welding rodS require pretreatment (heating) before the welding process.

A proper way is to keep 7018 electrodes into an oven. We use a more traditional (affordable) way.

How to use 7018 Welding Rod

Make sure the work desk is clean, dust and debris free.


  1. Do not contact the electrodes with work piece (or a random metal piece) ceaselessly to “heat up” the electrode. This will damage your welding machine and find yourself a displeasing electricity bill at month end.

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