Rotary Distributor – RV10

Rotary Distributor, often name spiders by construction worker, are installed for concrete pouring of large area. The models include RV-8, RV-10, RV-12 and RV-13.

We manufacture our own machine

… to reduce dependency on imports. Moreover, parts are always available as we keep our data in records.

Concrete Distributor works with concrete pump, attached at the highest floor of your concreting slab, allow concrete to reach 320m2 in area.


Mobile track for Concrete Distributor

We fabricate track for our client without tower crane.

Up to 500 mm additional height could be added for shear wall pouring or to avoid rebar.

We value each masterpiece

Our engineers ensure the quality is under control for both domestic and export counter.

Customary designs were prepared for product used in different countries and even different weather conditions.