Air Slide – Powder Conveying

Air Slide – Powder Conveying

In One Machine, all our air slide is fabricated for cement transportation, from one site to another site.

Air slide generally from 3 meter is can be up to 30 meters in length.

air slide fabric in the middle
air slide fabrication in Malaysia

Our air slide dimension is W228.6mm x H228.6mm. The air slide fabric is longer than 228.6mm, at 304.8mm so the excess length will be bolted securely at side.

Air slide conveys powder bulk pneumatically by injecting air under pressure into the transport line to impel the material fed therein. Electrical air compressor is installed and air hose will inject pressure to the system. Plant workers prefer air compressor of 12 bar and above.

Generally to transport cement, 4.5mm thickness is required for optimal speed and minimal residual along the transport line.

Fabrication of air slide
3 meter air slide

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