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Concreting Using Forklift – Forklift Concrete Bucket

Concrete Bucket – A container with movable gate at the bottom attached to lifting hook of crane to transport concrete. Our designs came in two common shapes, sleeping and round.

Up to 1.5m3 Concrete Bucket

We supply from 0.5m3 to 1.5m3 concrete bucket. Attachable chute or sunny hose for the ease of concrete column or shear wall pouring. Material used is thick enough (3.0mm) for long term wear and not too heavy to burden the crane capacity.

We manufacture the buckets here in Selangor, Malaysia.


Various Type of Design for Different Concrete Pouring Method

Other than common round type and sleeping type, attachments are available to suit the pouring condition

Slanting Discharge Chute : Suitable for sheer Wall, Column, Bored Pile Casting

Discharge Hopper: Accute casting

Steering Lock: Requested by consultant for safety reasons





  1. 睡斗(Sleeping  Concrete Bucket),0.5立米至1.0立米
  2. 圆斗 (Round Concrete  Bucket),1.0立米至2.0立米
  3. 叉车料斗 0.50立米至0.80 立米 (Forklift Concrete Bucket)
  4. 窄出口料斗 ,190mm(Narrow Discharge  Concrete Bucket)0.5立米至1.0立米
  5. 边出口料斗,(Side Discharge Concrete Bucket)0.5立米至0.80立米
  6. 沙斗 (Sand Bucket)



Concrete Bucket Narrow Discharge 6″ – 8″ (Sunny Hose)

Narrow Discharge Sunny Hose for Wall and Column Placing, Made in Malaysia

Our usual concrete bucket discharge size is designed at 12″. While some contractor who’s casting for wall and column requires discharge bucket will smaller placement mouth. We fabricate hopper at 6″ and 8″ discharge, but changing the gate mechanism to butterfly valve or gate valve, instead of paired gear opening.

1000mm x 180mm tapered hopper
narrow discharge hopper selangor
Tapered hopper for concreting

Sleeping type Concrete Bucket

Discharge Hopper attachment for Concrete Bucket

We supply 0.45m3 and 1.0m3 Concrete Bucket Discharge Hopper attachment. The discharge of such hopper is more flexible, a few user attach the hopper with PVC pipe instead of sunny hose.

Narrow discharge concrete hopper malaysia

Concrete Bucket for Forklift

Concrete Bucket with Butterfly valve

This 8″ discharge has butterfly valve discharge mechanism.

Concrete Bucket with Standing Platform

Concrete Bucket with Standing Platform and Side Chute

Concrete Bucket with Standing Platform and Side Chute
Concrete bucket with side chute

Concrete bucket with narrow funnel

This bucket is dual use with 300mm discharge and 200mm discharge.

Our client used the cone attached below for IBS wall casting.

Wall use up comparatively small volume of concrete. When they are casting shear wall, the funnel will be used, when they are casting slab, the funnel can be removed.

updated Oct 2022

Regarding Bucket Height

Our bucket standard height since April 2019 is at 1346.2mm, while prior to April 2019 was 1500mm. If you’ve purchased a bucket with 1500mm height, it was the produced before April 2019.

Body maximum height is 1126.0mm

Discharge pipe OD304.8mm and H228.6mm

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