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Concrete Spider Concrete Distributor

Concrete distributor, RV-10, concrete spider. Users identify the machine in different names. Concrete pumps are getting more and more common in Malaysia contruction site. Contractor will choose to use a concrete distributor or concrete spider when the casting area is large and wide. the concreting slab must be done within one cast., so the quality

Concrete Mixer Truck Drum Auger Blade Repair

The blade is later line up with carbon steel rod to lengthen the life span of blade

2D Spur Gear Drawing

We were making this simple 2D spur gear drawing the other day, and hoping that sharing this would help others in need. Link as below: https://grabcad.com/library/2d-spur-gear-2 2.https://drive.google.com/open?id=1khoD8F0Sm8Esx5F8PeopkBTId5lp63sb

Toyota SDK Power Broom Brush

We had been providing power broom for Bobcat, Kubota, Case, but it was our first time dealing with a Toyota. Toyota SDK doesn’t come with a ready hydraulic control unit, so we had to install control valve to direct hydraulic power to spin the brush. There were a few steps. 1.First, we had to modify

Concrete Mixer Drum Fabrication in Puchong

We’ve been fabricating mixer truck for concrete batching company since year 2008. As Malaysia economy is strongly backed by construction industry in the recent years, ready mix supply is getting more demanding and competitive in the market. We started in year 2008 when our major clients are ready mix seller.

Customized Concrete Bucket

We received an inquiry on concrete bucket required to cast on highway job site. Our client is having a project at Central Spine Road, Raub, Selangor. At times they were building an elevated highway. The concrete bucket required was specifically used on the highway bridge column. The column was 25m in height, equivalent to an

Large-scale Microwave Drying and Sterilization

Bulk drying is an essential process is most production chain. It’s energy consuming, and the drying quality impacts on the product quality directly. It is getting more common to adapt microwave magnetron into dewatering facility. Compared to conventional heat conducting concept, microwave works more effectively. How? Just imagine when you’re heating up a cup of

Two-stage Air Compressor

Common Problems: 1. Malfunction Check Valve Check valve act as a “One Direction Custom Gate” in between piston head and storage tank. High pressure can only go from piston to tank and not the other way round. Piston air creates high pressure air, while tank store air. Check valve gate is closed at the beginning.

[Malaysia] Tapered Roller Bearing

We are fabricating our own machineries and hence will keep stock for certain hardwares that are consuming fast. One of them will be bearings. This post was written because we noticed in Malaysia market the few of the bearing above was sold at a steep price. We hope that the post will benefit those user

(Malaysia) Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6036

We are fabricating our own machineries and hence will keep stock for certain hardwares that are consuming fast. One of them will be bearings. Deep Groove Bearing 6036 OD280 x ID180 x H46 Deep Groove Bearing 16036 OD280 x ID180 x H31 Deep Groove Bearing 6038 OD290 x ID190 x H46 This post was written