Electric Hoist & Winch @ Puchong

We supply electric hoist and winch up to 5 ton here in Puchong, Selangor. Electric hoist / winch with rotation – Puchong We modified the drum winch and add turntable to allow rotation. Check out our homepage for more information.

Solar-powered Arrow Board Fabrication @ Puchong

We supply solar-powered signboard here in Taman Perindustrian Puchong, Selangor. The solar bulbs are low in maintenance, cable free. The stands are easy to move about, yet stand firmly against wind and other hazard. ONE MACHINE ENGINEERING SDN BHD NO 28, JALAN TPP 5/10, TAMAN PERINDSUTRIAN PUCHONG, 47100 PUCHONG, SELANGOR.

Our Team

The women force in One Machine Engineering Sdn Bhd. Welder – Fam Ching Ern Title: Welder Technician Skill: Shielded-Metal-Arc Welding (SMAW) 6R, 6GR; Angle Grinding, Oxy-Acetylene manual cutting Joined: August 2022 About me: ” I discovered my passion towards welding when I was 16 years old. I flew all the way from Sri Aman, Sarawak

Female Welder in Puchong

We are recruiting female welders for our manufacturing team in Taman Perindustrian Puchong. At One Machine we support participation of women in all male-oriented industries. Join us today! Whatsapp us @ +60 16-915 9608 Prefer: Fresh grad with SKM Kimpalan Tahap 3 Female candidate is prioritised Room rental subsidy Long-term employment Training is provided Work

Internship Vacancy for Welder @Puchong

We are hiring internship for welder and machine operator in Taman Perindustrian Puchong • To carry out welding, oxy-cut, machine assembly tasks • Follow and enforce strict safety regulations • Internship letter provided from college or university. • Able to read and interpret technical drawings • Responsible and diligent • 5 Working days a week,

Extra Large Square Hollow

WE fabricate square hollow 400mm and above, length up to 6 meter, thickness up to 9mm, here in Puchong, Selangor.

Sewerage Caisson Ring / Manhole Concreting

Combine sewerage system construction in Kuantan, Malaysia. The inner circular is manhole of the sewerage system. The external circular rim, known as the caisson ring, is a temporary structure for excavation. A slanting concrete chute installed at the opening of manhole

Replace Honda City Tail Lamp DIY

This is about the time we replaced our Honda City tail lamp / rear light DIY (Doing-it-Ourselves) A year ago, we had a mild accident at PJ Old town round-about, a motorcyclist hit us rear-right from behind. He wanted to exit the round about while we were still circling around. My husband then found a

Massey Ferguson 440 Tractor in Malaysia

While Ford Tractor 5000 series is more common in Malaysia, we’ve seen Massey Ferguson in south Malaysia this year. The specification and data of this machine is hard to obtain from the internet, especially when we need the data to fit and install the sweeper broom. Nevertheless, we are able to fit a Ford 5000

Ford 5000 Backpusher Angle Sweeper

We fabricate angle sweeper for Ford Backpusher here in Taman Perindustrian Puchong, Selangor. It is an attachment for Ford Backpusher. Fabrication Progress Technician is adjusting alignment carefully. The PTO gearbox from backpusher transfer motion force to the gearbox in our sweeper attachment. Ford BackPusher Sweeper Attachment Specification PRODUCT ANGLE BROOM SWEEPER DIMENSION L80″ X W24