Wire Rope vs Chain for Concrete Bucket

Wire Rope vs Chain for Concrete Bucket

Wire Rope vs chain to lift a concrete bucket, which one is better

We fabricate concrete bucket and supply wire rope or chain here in Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

4 legged x 2meter Alloy Chain Sling WLL 2.5 ton

Concrete bucket wire rope and chain
Concrete bucket lifting using chain
sleeping bucket malaysia wire rope
Concrete Bucket lifting by Wire rope and Swivel eye
swivel eye for mobile crane

Wire Rope VS Chain for Concrete Bucket

There are pro and cons both for wire rope and chain.

1. Chain is easier to handle

Generally chain is easier for handling, a chain can twist. Wire rope usually works with a swivel attached at the crane or hoist.

Moreover wire rope is more difficult to roll and keep if it’s lengthy. Imagine every time you tidy up your earphone.

2. Chain length can be adjusted

Let say you ordered a 20FT chain, and on certain lifting jobs you only need 10FT length, just a shortening hook can “keep away” the extra 10FT, and you can use it safely without hassle.

A rope comes in fixed length, you can’t lengthen it, and you can only shorten it with professional tooling and equipment.

3. Chain has longer lifespan

While both chain and rope will rust over time, chain can endure twisting wear for a much longer lifespan. However, it’s recommended to get your chain or rope tested every year as a safety check-up.

4. Rope is lighter

If you are going to move the lifting rope or chain frequently, a rope is more preferred due to its weight. If you are going to attach the chain to a crane and only use it at the same point, chain is a better option.

5. Wire rope is cheaper

Wire rope cost lower, if it’s only a short term job, contractor will consider getting a wire rope, especially when they don’t own the crane.

6. Both can be tested, both will rust over time

Both type can be tested and certificate will be issued after test.

Work load test is getting more common at construction sites in Malaysia. It is a good practice to ensure worker safety, which is still an issue neglected in most developing country.

construction WIRE ROPE puchong
Wire Rope

We also do MPI testing for various bucket and lifting equipment. Check out our homepage and Facebook page here.



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Author: Kristen Liew

Updated on May 2021

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