Walking Tractor with Trailer in Malaysia

Walking Tractor with Trailer in Malaysia

1. Walking tractor fitted with Vikyno Diesel engine

Viknyo 125-N, with maximum output of 12.5HP.

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Walking tractor with power tilter

2. Anti-slippery Design

The track style tyre enables tractor to operate in muddy plantation.

anti slipper tyre Selangor
anti slipper tyre Malaysia

3. Turntable for manoeuvring

The turntable allow more flexibility when the tractor steers.

4. Heavy Duty Utility Trailer

We fabricate the tractor bin of size 1500 x 1000

Walking tractor with trailer

5. Large front Tyre

The tyre is

Walking tractor with Kubota Tyre

6. Absorber

Absorber can be fitted at the rear for better handling experience.

7. Front Kubotas Tyres

The front tyre is modified to bigger size, with

Tyre Rim:26″

Tyre dimension: 42″

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

8. Application

Photo by Heiko Janowski on Unsplash

Plantation, muddy site.



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