Toyota SDK Power Broom Brush

Toyota SDK Power Broom Brush

We had been providing power broom for Bobcat, Kubota, Case, but it was our first time dealing with a Toyota.

Toyota SDK doesn’t come with a ready hydraulic control unit, so we had to install control valve to direct hydraulic power to spin the brush.

Before we start, you must be informed that we are not engineers from bobcat or Toyota, so we might be using engineering terms that are not 100% accurate.

There were a few steps.

1.First, we had to modify the docking system.

So our client drove the Toyota SDK to us the next day the purchase was confirmed.

Before modification
After docking modification

The docking system is narrower, and the locking pin also located in different points.

2. Modify the hydraulic system

Generally the gear pump supplies hydraulic fluid to three places:

  1. control main arm (rod B)
  2. control tilting rod (rod D)
  3. an extra point where you can plug in to

These three different hydraulic point is controlled by 3 individual levers.

The third point generally look like this, sticking out at front of the machine.

on normal condition

Since this Toyota SDK does not come with the third point, we had to install one for them, divert a point out from the second hydraulic point.

Imagine there is only 2 water tap in your house, one in your bathroom one in your kitchen. Now we are going to divert a 3rd tap our from the kitchen point, so we can have an extra pipe at the garden right behind our kitchen.

for Toyota sdk that does not have a third point

Unlike the usual bobcat S185, we did not install the hydraulic plug using a flat face quick coupler. Instead, we chose the normal threading type consider the costing and compact design of Toyota SDK.

3. Increase counter weight

4. Connect and test run

5. Adjust the brush height

This part is essential as the height of the brush set determines the lifespan of both the brush and the bucket blade. At too low the height, brushes will brush hard onto the floor and the bucket. If an inexperience loader driver operate the machine, the bucket can drag brushes filament underneath and damage the brushes. Even though we can change brushes regularly, it’s still important to educate user to calibrate the brush height before using it.

When it is adjusted to the right height, you will hear the subtle sound of filament brushing the steel bucket as the below video.

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