Safety man basket / man cage @ Puchong

Safety man basket / man cage @ Puchong

We fabricate safety man basket or safety man cage here in Taman Perindustrian Puchong, Selangor.

Designed to accommodate two personnel, the safety man basket ensures that workers can perform their tasks efficiently and comfortably. The spacious interior allows for easy movement and access to tools, reducing the strain on workers and enhancing their productivity. The shape also facilitates better communication between the occupants, a vital factor in maintaining safety protocols.

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting, and the crescent moon-shaped safety man cage from One Machine Engineering Sdn Bhd, Puchong is designed with this principle in mind. The safety man basket @ Puchong is equipped with multiple safety features, including secure attachment points, non-slip flooring, and reinforced barriers. These features work in unison to provide a secure platform for workers, minimizing the risk of accidents.


6.0Work Platform

6.1 Work platform shall be design and constructed in accordance to ANSI, BS, AS specifications or Acceptable International Standard.

6.2 Drawings and calculation on work platform shall be certified and endorsed by Professional Engineer (P.E.).

6.3 The design Load of a work platform shall include its own weight and atleast five (5) times the maximum intended load or 1000 kg which ever is more and shall be stamped on the work platform.

6.4 Work platform shall not be used for lifting anything other than two (2) workers, their tools and materials necessary to do their job. For performing the calculation for the load weight, each average size person is considered to weigh 90 kilograms. If a person weighs more than 90kilograms, the person’s exact weight shall be used when calculating the load

6.5 Identification data plate or other marking that indicates the weight of the empty work platform and its maximum intended load shall be permanently affixed to the work platform.

6.6 The Height shall be between 900 millimeter to 1100 millimeter. It shall be equipped with guardrail system that shall be enclosed at least from mid-rail to the toe board of minimum 200mm height with either solid construction or expanded metal having openings not greater than 12.7 millimeter.

6.7 A “grab bar” shall be welded to the inside of the work platform for workers to hold onto during the lift. This bar will prevent hand injuries should the work platform contact objects as the work platform is positioned.

6.8 An access gate (where provided) shall swing inward and shall have an automatic restraining device to prevent accidental opening.

6.9 Headroom shall be provided to allow employees to stand upright in the work platform.

6.10 Overhead protection shall be provided where workers may be exposed to falling objects.

6.11 Work platform shall be painted with highly visible coat of paint.

6.12 A weight (detachable flat metal plate weighing 125% of the intended load) shall be attached to the bottom of the work platform for the purpose of testing the integrity of the platform and ground conditions.

7.0Other Work Platform Requirements

7.1 Welded by a qualified welder. A copy of the welder’s record shall be prepared.

7.2 Non-destructive test shall be carried out on all welded parts. Test shall be carried out by a qualified NDT company. A copy of the NDT report shall be submitted.

7.3 The work platform shall be load tested with a uniformly distributed load of 125 % of the design load by holding it in a suspended position. A copy of the load test report from the manufacturer shall be submitted.

7.4 Marking on work platform:

Identification number

Maximum intended load

Work platform occupancy (2 persons)

Work platform empty weight

7.5 Shall be provided with 2 (two) taglines to control swinging and rotating of work platform.

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