Replace Honda City Tail Lamp DIY

Replace Honda City Tail Lamp DIY

This is about the time we replaced our Honda City tail lamp / rear light DIY (Doing-it-Ourselves)

A year ago, we had a mild accident at PJ Old town round-about, a motorcyclist hit us rear-right from behind. He wanted to exit the round about while we were still circling around.

My husband then found a deal on shopee, where he can purchase only the right side tail lamp off shopee.

1. Purchase from Shopee

Cost us RM150 for the right side only, including shipping cost.

3 days later, we received the parcel at our doorstep.

2. Set the timer, 30 minutes

We estimated the whole process takes 30 minutes

3. Unscrew and screw

There is NO wiring works involved the whole process. Pull out the still-lit bulbs, push them back into the right holes after you’re done.

4. The Honda original marker

Honda city tail lamp DIY

The only difference we can tell is the Honda logo, it is not visible after installation

6. Tada

Instaling Honda City Tail Lamp DIY


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