PE Endorsement @ Puchong

PE Endorsement @ Puchong

PE Endorsement @ Taman Perindustrian Puchong, Selangor

What is endorsement?

When a contractor is going to build something, he first need a detailed drawing. He either prepared that himself, or that he hires a professional to do that. Later, he determine if everything is within the budget, and whether his product is safe and easy to maintain for the resident / user. In Malaysia culture, many contractors plan things out based on their past experience.

Both the developer and the future user have the right to know whether the contractor is building them a safe and sound structure.

To ensure everyone’s well-being, including the contractor himself, he will find a professional engineer, to “check his homework” before splaying out the cement and wires. The professional engineer “mark” the drawings and calculation, and validate everything is designed to build according to various rules and regulations.

Type of endorsement

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Endorsement on drawings and layout

As-built drawing

Endorsement on load calculation and tabulation

Why are they important?

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The documents ensure the well-being of all party, from developer to contractor to end user. A proper check and endorsement on the process reduce the risk of mishap to a minimum possibility.

An endorsement makes sure the item is build according to standards, not to anyone’s convenient or benefit.

Who needs endorsement?

pe endorsement Puchong

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70% – contractor

Often time a contractor is asked to build let say a kitchen, within the agreed budget and time, but he is not told every time how exactly to build it. How many steel rebars to use on the kitchen top, what percentage of cement portion, how many screws to hang on the heavy wall cabinet, thickness of wires that can run 5 cooker all at once and etc. The contractor will mention all these details in proper drawing and documentation, and let the PE check and stamp before he builds them.

20% – Interior Designer

pe endorsement Interior design Kuala Lumpur

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Growing fast from only the last few decades, interior designer are the creative people that add so much value to our lives. They have endless ideas, but sometimes these ideas might be hazardous then they thought. So they discuss with engineer their idea, and eventually have PE to check and stamp before making their imagination into reality.

10% – End user

pe endorsement Taman Perindsutrian Puchong

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Who prepare the endorsement?

PE Endorsement @ Puchong

An engineer prepare the drawing, layout, diagram and any necessary calculation.

A qualified professional engineer endorses on document that is within his field and specialise study.

We are providing Professional Engineer endorsement service at Puchong, Selangor.


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