PE endorsement for DOSH approval Malaysia

PE endorsement for DOSH approval Malaysia

PE endorsement for DOSH approval

Here in One Machine Engineering Sdn Bhd we provide PE Endorsement for DOSH applications. Often times we import pressure vessel and pressure silos from mainland China. We adore their production efficiency, pricing, also their more advanced manufacturing technology.

1. Who needs DOSH / JKKP approval?

Anything that involves pressure vessel, unfired or fired, requires approval from the country safety department. DOSH, Department of Safety and Health, also known as JKKP, Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan in Malaysia, we need to prepare sound documents for them to agree on our product.

2. The step-by-step guide

First you need to make sure your manufacturer had provide you with the product specification, including product dimension to maximum work load. If it’s written in Chinese, here at One Machine Engineering Sdn Bhd we help customer to translate your Product Specification from Chinese to English. We then go through the specification and check whether it’s reliable. Lastly, our Professional Engineer will endorse the documents.

With the endorsed documents, the users write in and apply for design approval. Next, users wait patiently for hydrostatic test by authority officer.

pressure vessel DOSH approval application in Malaysia
Imported Vessel for DOSH approval

We don’t only do document PE endorsement for DOSH approval, we also fabricate pressure vessel for our air compressor, check out our homepage to find out more!

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