Pan Mixer for Mortar @ Puchong

Pan Mixer for Mortar @ Puchong

We fabricate pan mixer here at Taman Perindustrian Puchong.

Pan mixer is a type of industrial mixing equipment used for combining various materials to create a homogeneous mixture. To name a few, mortar, floor screed, refractory…

It consists of a stationary mixing pan and three rotating blades with paddles that agitate the materials.

1. Capacity

The drum is 900mm in Diameter and it fits 0.2m3 each mix.

2. Application

Pan mixers are commonly used in construction and manufacturing industries for preparing concrete, mortar, refractory materials, and other mixes. They offer efficient and uniform mixing, ensuring consistent quality and strength of the final product. The versatile application of pan mixers makes them suitable for small to large-scale projects, including building construction, road construction, precast concrete manufacturing, and even in the production of ceramics and pharmaceuticals.

3. Plant mixer of 3m3

Pan Mixer for concrete batching plant in Puchong

We also fabricate plant mixer for batching plant.

The capacity is next level, 15 times bigger than the above model

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