Lifting Cage for Pallet Jack

Lifting Cage for Pallet Jack

We fabricate lifting cage with loading ramp here in Puchong, Malaysia.

Lifting Cage for Palette Jack Malaysia

The ramp closes with a spring on both edges, acting as an auto safety lock.

1. Forklift friendly

The cage is 5 inches lifted from the ground for easy forklift mask scooping.

2. Four nos of lifting eyes

Four nos of 12mm lifting eyes are built with high grade welding strength.

3. Cage is suitable for tower crane lifting

The safety work load is 2 tonne, suitable for tower crane and landing on construction form work.

4. 100% Made in Malaysia, support local

Patrioctic much? Above all, the product is 100% made in Malaysia.

5. Common Pallet Sizes in Malaysia

To our surprise pallet came in various dimensions. This is what we found the most common in the area.

5″ x 36″ x 36″

5″ x 36″ x 46″

5″ x 39″ x 46″

5″ x 32″ x 47″

5″ x 45″ x 50″

Our tiles pallet size
1041mm x 1041mm
1041mm x 965mm
1143mm x 939mm
1000mm x 1200mm

To fit the various sizes of pallet, our cages came in 2 sizes, 1200 x 1200, and 1500 x 1500.

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We also have lifting cage without ramp, check it out here!


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