Construction Waste Bin with Lifting Eyes

Construction Waste Bin with Lifting Eyes

There are often waste from platform plate, scaffolding, or general waste to be transported from construction floor to the ground. Construction Waste Bin with lifting eyes is suitable for carrying such bulky waste.

These wastes weight less than sand and cement and are larger in volume.

Therefore we had our engineer team design waste bin that is light enough to sit on platform and big enough to contain wastes such as timber, scaffolding.

construction heavy duty lifting waste bin at Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia

The bin has to withstand a total 3.0 tonne Safety Work Load.

Plate thickness is a combination 4mm and 3mm.

Specification of Construction Waste Bin with Lifting Eyes:

Plate Thickness4.0MM, SLANTED PLATE 3.0MM
Self Weight 500KG
Safety Work Load (SWL)3200KG
Lifting Eyes12MM X 6 NOS
Dumping MechanismLift and Tilt
DeliveryEast and West Malaysia (Charges excluded)
ApplicationsScaffolding, fasteners, timber, platform mould

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