Large-scale Microwave Drying and Sterilization

Large-scale Microwave Drying and Sterilization

Bulk drying is an essential process is most production chain. It’s energy consuming, and the drying quality impacts on the product quality directly.

It is getting more common to adapt microwave magnetron into dewatering facility. Compared to conventional heat conducting concept, microwave works more effectively. How? Just imagine when you’re heating up a cup of milk, it’s really unnecessarily to have the cup, cup handle the oven interior, the tray and the oven door to be heated. Hence the energy of heating the cup handle is saved, moreover it’s also safer to drink when the handle isn’t boiling hot. When we are heating a whole chicken, it’s heated evenly from skin to bones. Even though it’s not what we wanted from a crispy turkey roast, but it’s totally a deal if we’re heating up tonnes of paper pulp within minutes.

Microwave bulk drying is not only seen in food commodity drying, it can be applied widely from food to industrial product. Paper pulps, wood panel, chemical granular, pesticide, saw dust. In food production, tea-leaves, fruit candy, dried chili, nuts, spices, pet food and various other dried commodity. The heat is even distributed so we can make sure every supplement pills give you the same amount of vitamin and minerals.

Microwave Drying Specification:

  1. Power: 10kW
  2. Microwave operating frequency: 2450MHz ± 25MHz
  3. Optional Vacuum degree: -9 bar
  4. Conveyor belt: Chain, fabric or

Microwave drying is known to be energy efficient, short residence time compared to conventional heat conducting method. We designed and also provide as drawing fabrication for our customer.

Generally, 1kW is able to dry 0.8kg of water per hour averagely. For example, 10kW is able to dry 8kg of water per hour.

For example, a 100 kg tea leaves has to be dried from 20% of moisture to 7% of moisture per hour. 20% equivalent to 20 kg of water, and dry to 7 kg of moisture, so a total 13 kg of water has to be dried out. 13 ÷ 0.8 = 16.25 kW.

Sterilization capacity is 10 times the drying capacity. If 16.25 kW can de-moisture a 100 kg tea leaves, then it can sterilize 1000 kg of tea leaves. Other than this, stock extraction, thawing, meat degreasing can also be done using the microwave equipment.

Conveyor belt varied from 550mm to maximum 1600mm.

The cooling of magnetrons, the major component of the drying system, can be water cooling or fan cooling.

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