Hydraulic Power Pack @ Puchong

Hydraulic Power Pack @ Puchong

We fabricate hydraulic power pack s here in Taman Perindustrian Puchong.

Hydraulic Power Pack by Horse Power @ Puchong

1 Motor 2 Cooling Fan (Optional) 3 Hydraulic pump 4 control valve 5 pressure gauge 6 oil inlet 7 manifold 8 oil tank 9 oil gauge

Motor, hydraulic pump, and control valve, with this three simple components and electricity, they turn a tank of liquid oil into something powerful enough to press a car into a metal sheet.

ModelHPliter/minOil tankPressure controllerPressure gaugeOil level gaugeSizeL x W x HPressure (MPA)
SPP-0115 liter/min20 literYesYesYes400 x 290 x 600 mm
SPP-0228 liter/min20 literYesYesYes400 x 290 x 600 mm
SPP-03312 liter/min50 literYesYesYes520 x 375 x 650 mm
SPP-04520 liter/min50 literYesYesYes520 x 375 x 650 mm

Hydraulic power packs consist a hydraulic pump, oil tank, and control valves, these compact units are designed to generate and control hydraulic fluid flow, translating mechanical power into hydraulic power. Here’s a brief exploration of the key features and applications of a hydraulic power pack.


Common applications of hydraulic power packs include hydraulic presses, lifting equipment, material handling systems, and hydraulic machinery. Their reliability, compactness, and ability to deliver high power make them indispensable in scenarios where a portable and efficient power source is essential.

How to use

1. Attach to a cylinder

The combination of hydraulic cylinders and power packs allows for precise control over force and motion. This is particularly beneficial in applications where controlled lifting, lowering, or positioning is essential.

For example in our videos, we are using hydraulic cylinder to extend and contract, to open and close door.

2. Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic power packs can drive hydraulic motors, which are used in applications such as conveyor systems, winches, and rotary actuators. Hydraulic motors convert hydraulic energy into mechanical rotary motion.

From 1:36 in the video, the hydraulic system drives the hydraulic motor and power the brush circular motion.

Hydraulic power pack in Puchong, Selangor

Our hydraulic motors:

Hydraulic motor

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Updated on Jan 2024

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