Forklift Safety Cage @ Puchong

Forklift Safety Cage @ Puchong

We fabricate forklift safety cage here at Taman Perindustrian Puchong, Selangor.

We fabricate forklift safety cage here in Puchong, Selangor.

1. Safety lock

Slot-in locks over the fork blades

2. Handrail and Safety harness

Handrails provide essential stability and preventing accidental falls.

Safety harnesses are equipped with lanyards or straps that can be securely attached to the railing which acts as a reliable anchorage point.

3. Spring latch door lock

When the door is closed, the latch bolt extends into the strike plate, holding the door shut. To unlock the door from the inside, you simply turn the handle or knob, which compresses the internal spring, retracting the latch bolt and allowing the door to open.

When the handle is released, the internal spring extends the latch bolt automatically, securing the door once again

4. Dimension

L900 x W1200 x H1700

5. Application

The cage can fit up to 3 ton forklift.

6. Optional feature: wheel

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Construction MaterialSturdy steel frame and mesh panels for durability
Maximum Load Capacity1000KG
DimensionsL900 x W1200 x H1700
GuardrailsHeight: 1.3M
Entry GateHinged gate with latch lock
Floor SurfaceChequered plate 
Locking MechanismAuto spring latch lock 
CoatingUndercoat primer 
SignageClear safety signage indicating proper usage
Inspection and MaintenanceEasy access points for inspection and maintenance
Net Weight300KG
Maximum Occupancy2 persons (maximum number of people allowed in the cage)
Additional FeaturesHeavy duty wheel with lock 
Place of origin Made in Malaysia

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