Force to deliver Concrete

We need 1 bar for pumping every 3 meter of horizontal concrete pipe, we need 1 bar for pumping every 1 meter of vertical concrete pipe.

Mild steel plate cutting charges

Q: To cut mild steel plate 8 1/2″ x 3″ with thickness 5/8″(5分), price of steel is RM2.5 per pound

(Calculations are done in terms of inches and pound)

Below is the calculation of mild steel and its cutting charges using a basic calculator

5分 x 8.5 x 3 /144 x 5.15 x 2.5 m+

= Rm11.3999 –> price of steel plate

8.5 + 3 / 12 x 0.15 x 5分 cutting 

= 0.7187 –> cutting charges

Total = RM12.1087

About carbon steel

Carbon steel plate we commonly use 760, also known as S45C, the price is usually double of mild steel.

For example, currently mild steel is selling RM4.44/kg (as at 24 Dec 2021), 760 is selling RM9/kg

To develop the blank flat length for a cylinder rolled from sheet or plate:

Essentially, you should calculate the centreline arc:

(Outside diameter – Thickness) x 3.1416 = Length of plate required

If we need a final pipe OD440 with 4.0mm steel plate, then (440 – 4.0 ) x 3.1416 = 1369.7376

Credit Quora @amit udgiri

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