Force to deliver Concrete

We need 1 bar for pumping every 3 meter of horizontal concrete pipe, we need 1 bar for pumping every 1 meter of vertical concrete pipe.

Mild steel plate cutting charges

Q: To cut mild steel plate 8 1/2″ x 3″ with thickness 5/8″(5分), price of steel is RM2.5 per pound

(Calculations are done in terms of inches and pound)

Below is the calculation of mild steel and its cutting charges using a basic calculator

5分 x 8.5 x 3 /144 x 5.15 x 2.5 m+

= Rm11.3999 –> price of steel plate

8.5 + 3 / 12 x 0.15 x 5分 cutting 

= 0.7187 –> cutting charges

Total = RM12.1087

About carbon steel

Carbon steel plate we commonly use 760, also known as S45C, the price is usually double of mild steel.

For example, currently mild steel is selling RM4.44/kg (as at 24 Dec 2021), 760 is selling RM9/kg

About Stainless Steel

Stainless steel we commonly use 1B, also know as SS304, the price is currently four times (~3.88 times) of mild steel.

For example, today mild steel is selling at RM3.50 (as at 15 Dec 2022), 1B is selling at RM13.57/kg

3mm x 4′ x 8′ is RM950.00

Cylinder Flat Sheet

To develop the blank flat length for a cylinder rolled from sheet or plate:

Essentially, you should calculate the centreline arc:

(Outside diameter – Thickness) x 3.1416 = Length of plate required

If we need a final pipe OD440 with 4.0mm steel plate, then (440 – 4.0 ) x 3.1416 = 1369.7376

Credit Quora @amit udgiri

Metal Bending

To bend a L shape

if A is 300mm

B = 300mm

T = 3mm

L = 600mm – (2 x thickness)

= 600mm – 6mm

= 594mm

The 6mm is what we called a bend deduction.

It may varies depending on K factor, bending tools and inner radius, generally the result is close to thickness times two.

Refer Gasparini Calculator for more precise calculation.

Steel price as at April 2022

This table is provided to help researcher and students.

Steel price is average at RM4,950/ton on April 2022.

PLATE312192438N/ARM 350.00
412192438N/ARM 467.00
4.512192438RM 367.70
612192438RM 690.00rm460 July 23
1012192438RM 1167.00
315003048RM 547.00
4.515003048RM 804.00
ANGLE350506000RM 60.00SLEEPING
450506000RM 70.00
565656000RM 113.00ROUND (4MM)
CHANNEL438756000RM 135.00
4501006000RM 167.00
5.2651256000RM 273.00
EXPANDED METAL(SPEC)750312192438RM 120.00
FLAT BAR6256000RM 28.00
9256000RM 41.00
6506000RM‎ 62.00ROUND
6656000RM 73.50casting mould 1200H (new)
9386000RM 70.00
9656000RM 110.00casting mould 1200H
91006000RM 180.00
12506000RM 113.00
121006000RM 254.00
3.025506000RM 63.00
3.038756000RM 95.00
1.6501006000RM 77.00
3.0501006000RM139.00SLOT CAGE BARS
3751506000RM 333.00
5751506000RM 445.00Forklift bucket
SQUARE HOLLOW2.325256000RM 44.00
325256000RM 55.00
2.338386000RM 55.00
338386000RM 92.00
350506000RM 117.00
4.565656000RM 265.00
4.075756000RM 284.00
M.S. SHAFT16600035.00
POLISHED SHAFT306100190.00
A PIPE200 (4.5mmthk)6000626.40
B PIPE506000151.00
125 (5mmthk)6000423.00
Corrugated Zinc Roof (Thin)1 feet6,7,8,9,103 per feet
RM24 per pc (8 feet length)
Metal Roofing G28 x 0.35mm15.5FT x 1FT6.5 per feet

Generally, traditional corrugated zinc roof available in Malaysia has a standard width 2.16 feet or 26 inches. The effective width is 2 ft or 24″, deducting the overlapping gap.

The seller then let you choose among 6, 8, 10, 12 feet length.

Carbon Steel

AKA AISI 01 (2510) TOOL STEEL65254107


mm size only 150300270

Useful Cad Command

1. Grid limit

Just right click Grid Setting, which is next to “model”. There you can alter the snap spacing X n Y. The default number is 10, while precision engineering can change to 0.01

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