Excavator Trenching / Digging Bucket

Excavator Trenching / Digging Bucket

Also known as V Bucket, ditching bucket, drain bucket, V ditch bucket. Excavator trenching bucket is a useful attachment when the builder need to build drainage in great length. We supply custom made trenching bucket for builders in Malaysia.

Drainage system comes in different dimension. The bucket dig a long trail in a desired shape, then builder will place precast drain on top of the soil.

We’ll need two information from the customer.

  1. Their drain dimension (refer sample 1)
  2. The excavator model

We have a database for excavator model, while drain dimension we’ll craft individually for each customer, based on the drawing they provide.

There are plenty of Youtube videos available if you wish to find out how the bucket works.

We supply way more than just excavator trenching bucket. Visit here
for more information of clamshell dredging bucket.

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