Customized Concrete Bucket

Customized Concrete Bucket

We received an inquiry on concrete bucket required to cast on highway job site.

Our client is having a project at Central Spine Road, Raub, Selangor. At times they were building an elevated highway.

Elevated Highway Column

The concrete bucket required was specifically used on the highway bridge column. The column was 25m in height, equivalent to an 8 storey building. Each time they will cast concrete of 5 meter.

Casting was challenging for its casting depth and limited working space. Especially the concrete has higher grade then average building concrete.

Concrete Bucket with Safety Platform

The team decided to pour the concrete using concrete bucket followed by a chute underneath that connects a 9 meter PVC pipe, as its economical and more flexible. Each time casting is around 5 meter, cast from 12 meter high.

Concrete Bucket with Chute

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