Concrete Shut-off Valve

Concrete Shut-off Valve

We supply concrete shut-off valve here in Puchong, Malaysia.

1. Why do we need concrete stopper?

We all know how it a concrete pump works. It pumps concrete from ground floor to the constructing floor, may it be 30th floor, or 46th floor. When we’re done with all the pumping and casting, there will be excess concrete stuck in the concrete pipes, every 10 floor (average height 14 feet per floor) would gather 0.5m3 of unused concrete, and the pressure is stacking up the higher it gets.

That’s when we use concrete shut off valve to act as a stopper.

The contractor will install a concrete stopper at ground floor, near the concrete pump.

2. How does it work?

concrete shut off valve malaysia

Inside the stopper, there’s a hydraulic operated chrome shaft in Dia125mm. It stops the concrete from forcing back to the pump.

concrete shut off valve Malaysia
Inside of the shut off valve
Hand pump operated shut off valve

3. Hand pump operated or pneumatic powered?

The shut-off valve comes with a hand pump. By pumping the level up-down, the stopper will move up and down just as the video above.

However, the user can reroute the hydraulic inlet and outlet from hand pump to their own concrete pump. The users need to install a tee fitting from the static concrete pump. Then, the diverted fluid powers the movement of shut-off valve.

In that case, the concrete shut off valve is usually placed within 10 feet to the pump truck. If contractor uses the hand pump, it can be placed wherever desired.

We also provide manual shut off valve for users who opt for more economic solution.

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