How are we coping after MCO

How are we coping after MCO

After closing for a 2 months. We resume operation on 13th of May.

1. Some orders were cancelled

Most construction sites was brought into a halt. We received cancelled PO on the first few days of business.

2. Higher operating cost

Even though oil price drops, we spent thousands of dollars on sanitizing and health measure sop.

Health screening for every worker that cost RM300 per week, infrared thermometers and constant supplies of mask, sanitizer, also those 2 months without income stream but continue to pay staff

3. On the bright side there are still orders

Traffic is still smooth

4. Our Bangladeshi workers are more stress than usual with their hometown lock-downed and outbreak spirals out of control

5. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

To all our staff and customers

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