2m3 Concrete Bucket

2m3 Concrete Bucket

As tower crane is improving their design, we saw more and more demand for heavier duty concrete bucket. Our site project manager has began to ditch their old 0.5m3 and 1.0m3 and opt for 1.5m3 and 2.0m3.

2.0m3 concrete bucket malaysia

Concrete Bucket above 1m3 will not have the triangle hook, it comes with lifting eyes instead.

Plate Thickness6.0mm
Lifting Eyes4 nos
Lifting Eye Dimension12mmthk x 304mm x 100mm 
Lifting Eyes Hole38mm
Self Weight695kg
Details of Sling (excluded with bucket)4 Legged x 14mm x 2 meter Ungalvanised Steel Rope c/w 6 ton Masterlink other end 4pcs x 3 ton Alloy Eye Hook with Safety Latch 
Safety Work Load8.4 ton
ApplicationPrecast fabrication, offshore casting, oil and gas industry, construction site with heavy duty tower crane, tunnelling project

Our 2.0m3 Concrete bucket is PE Endorsed and certified by Malaysia Professional Engineer.

Check out our 1.0m3 Concrete Bucket here.

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