Month: May 2022

Extra Large Square Hollow

WE fabricate square hollow 400mm and above, length up to 6 meter, thickness up to 9mm, here in Puchong, Selangor.

Sewerage Caisson Ring / Manhole Concreting

Combine sewerage system construction in Kuantan, Malaysia. The inner circular is manhole of the sewerage system. The external circular rim, known as the caisson ring, is a temporary structure for excavation. A slanting concrete chute installed at the opening of manhole

Replace Honda City Tail Lamp DIY

This is about the time we replaced our Honda City tail lamp / rear light DIY (Doing-it-Ourselves) A year ago, we had a mild accident at PJ Old town round-about, a motorcyclist hit us rear-right from behind. He wanted to exit the round about while we were still circling around. My husband then found a